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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Duties of Single Window Operator – A (SWO – A)

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Duties of Single Window Operator – A (SWO – A)

The duties of the Single Window Operator – A (SWO-A) shall form a part of the normal duties of the Clerical cadre and for which not special pay is applicable. The duties includes :-

  1. Acknowledgments of inward mail received.
  2. Receipt of cheques, drafts, dividend warrants, pay orders and other like instruments other than bills and giving acknowledgment in the counterfoil.
  3. Delivery of cheque books subject to authorisation by competent authority. (d) Issue cash receipt.
  4. Issue of ESI stamps wherever applicable or may become applicable. (f) Recounting of currency notes by cash department staff.
  5. Ensuring the proper contents in covers and envelopes including registered ones before dispatch.

The duties listed above are the additional duties which should be performed by all clerks of Clerical cadre either online or offline which does not involve any passing or supervisory function of an officer of the bank.

A The clerk will wherever and whenever required, function as a Single Window Operator and perform the following duties duties:

  1. Passing and cash payment of all cheques/withdrawal forms/banker’s cheques/ gift cheques/ etc. upto and including Rs. 10,000/-
  2. Passing independently clearing and transfer cheques, vouchers, etc. (whether credits or debits) upto and including Rs. 15,000/-
  3. Receipt of cash and issuance of pre-signed drafts/ gift cheques/ travelers cheques/ pay orders/ bank orders, etc. upto and including Rs. 15,000/-

Hope this above information regarding Single Window Operator - A in banking sector is most useful to you.  Click here to know the roles and responsibilities of other posts like Clerical Assistant and Probationary officer etc. in banking sector for your kind perusal and knowledge.

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